Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Helena's Empire - Coming Out July 7th!

Do you like love stories? Paranormal or historical romance? Maybe you just have a thing for the Devil?

It's almost time.
A princess seemingly destined to live in the shadow of her father. A fallen angel who seeks to rise again. Faced with the ultimate decision, the promise of power and the allure of the most forbidden of fruits threaten to put Helena of Kalmar's love - and her life - in peril.
 I wrote Helena's Empire after finishing the first draft of my novel. The novelette, which you can pre-order here, goes into the back story of Lucifer and a medieval flame of his, hundreds of years before the story of Wandering Stars (World Castle Publishing, premiering Autumn 2011) begins. HE stands as a gripping story in its own right, and will be all the more illuminating once WS debuts.

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