Monday, July 25, 2011

Wandering Stars Cover - and How It Came to Be

It started with this:

I've been writing since I was eleven, nothing special, and made my first attempt at writing a novel when I was fourteen. It was a romantic fantasy, and at eighteen chapters it became clear that the quality just wasn't up to par and that the storyline wasn't going anywhere. Two years later, a character named Alice appeared in another ill-fated project the actual story of which may still be in a box somewhere in Daytona Beach.

Alice was a very different person back then, and in this project she just wasn't mature enough to come out of hiding yet. So that one went on the shelf, too.

Last year I began writing Wandering Stars, the preface of which is the image above. Alice made her triumphant return, as I appropriated the name from my previous story for the book's main female protagonist. She'd grown a lot in our time apart - as had my ability to write. Several months later, after more than a few melodramatic announcements of writer's block on my part, the first draft was completed. (Don't worry, it's gone through re-writes since then.) My fiancée played a part in keeping me on the ball, assuring me that I could do it, that writer's block was not insurmountable and in any case, wasn't the end of the world.

Wandering Stars, coming in eBook and trade paperback from World Castle Publishing coming this autumn

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