Saturday, August 20, 2011

Contest Ends, a Free Short Story and some news Wanders in

A few items of interest, in numbered list form for maximum power.

1. The Helena's Empire eBook giveaway has officially ended and the winners have been selected. Congratulations to those who won, and for those who didn't, you can still buy HE for 99 cents for your eReader or in HTML / PDF for reading on the computer. In addition, I've got a little consolation prize prepared...

2. For those who didn't win the contest - and for those who did, and for people who just like this kind of thing - I'm releasing one of my never before published flash fiction stories, the paranormal romance Picnic at the End of the Universe, as a free read on this site. Enjoy!

3. Wandering Stars, from World Castle Publishing, now has an official release date of September 15th. More on this soon!

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