Friday, August 19, 2011

Picnic at the End of the Universe

by Marlon Pierre-Antoine

     "When the Sun has said its final goodbye, giving way to endless night, we will still be together." Zack's musings came sober and deliberate, almost meditative.
     Julia snorted. "Ha! What a load of -"
     "Stop it right there," Zack interrupted, throwing his hands up in a mock display of defense. "I think I know where you were going with that."
     The two laid back on the grass together, watching the small glowing specks in the sky, or at least what few were left, dim and then disappear one by one.
     Julia turned to face Zack. "Why the sudden decision to become a poet, anyway? Shouldn't we be... I don't know, running, or something?"
     Zack shrugged. "Run," he repeated slowly, as though to taste the word on his tongue. "From what and where to? As far as I'm concerned, all we can do is wait for it and enjoy our last meal here for as long as we've got left."
     Julia peeked into the picnic basket. "All the sandwiches are gone."
     Night was growing darker, swallowing the land and moving ever closer to the hilltop that the last two humans rested on.
     "Hey -"
     Julia's words came more slowly now, the omnipresent silence draining everything, even the sound of her own voice, into oblivion. "Remember in Seventh Grade when I said I wouldn't date you if you were the last guy on Earth?"
     Zack nodded. She had to struggle to see him do it.
     "I'm starting to reconsider," she continued.
     Zack couldn't say anything in return. His words evaporated into the air as soon as they left his lips.
     As the last of the stars went away and became nothing, the void devouring all that once was, Zack took Julia's hand. She clasped it tightly.
     Zack couldn't have asked for more.

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