Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year's and a Return to Scheduled Posting!

Hello all - I hope everyone had a great holiday season. My apologies for the highly irregular posting schedule, both here and on Facebook, as well as the scarce promotional appearances of late. As well as moving back to my home town of Daytona Beach with my fiancée, we recently suffered a loss in the family.

So, going forward into 2012, what's new and what's coming? What can you expect from Marlon Pierre-Antoine and the Wandering Stars series?

First off, for those who haven't already seen them on Facebook, there's a modest photo gallery (with more to come) of images from around the city where important events in Wandering Stars took place. Just one of the many advantages of living in the city of Alice Valdez!

Second, I'm going on tour - a blog tour that is. THE WANDERING EXPERIENCE, hosted by The Experience Blog Tours, will run from January 8th to the 24th and promises to be packed with plenty of exciting treats for my existing fans as well as those yet to hear the word. Check back here soon to find out the tour stop schedule!

It may also be of interest that Silvernight, the next full-length installment of the series, is almost out of the first draft stage! It's certainly exciting to know that my second full-length novel is nearly complete and it's been a thrill to take Alice and Lucas in such a different direction while still staying true to the spirit that the first book established. I wish I could say more about the new characters, returning old favorites, or the resolution to Wandering Stars' cliffhanger ending that you'll see in Silvernight, but my lips are sealed for now. Alas, maybe I can loosen the valve on the blog tour - just a little bit!

All in all, 2012 promises to be a great year for fans of YA paranormal romance. Need more proof? The sequel to Mary Ting's dynamic debut novel Crossroads releases later this month! Watch the trailer for this latest addition to the saga, Between, here.

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